PrepNorthwest Internship

Secondary Academic Specialist Internship

Get Paid, Challenge Yourself, Earn Credit. Kick Butt. Repeat.

You may know PrepNorthwest as the most student and family focused test preparation center in the Puget Sound area. Did you also know that our internal mission is to nurture and advance the best teachers in the State of Washington?

Working at PrepNW gave me the skills to not only become comfortable with teaching tests, but to understanding how to teach them in a way that benefits the student throughout their journey as a learner. Plus, the positive and encouraging work environment and one-on-one setup at PrepNW supported me in learning how to build meaningful relationships with students, which is most invaluable in my teaching career.

- Sara J. (University of Washington, Seattle MIT Program 2017 Class)

Working at PrepNorthwest inspired me to become a teacher, and gave me the skills I needed to succeed. I got practical experience, helpful feedback, and constant support as I developed the key teaching skills - like delivering lessons, adapting and improvising, and building rapport with students - that I now use every day in my classroom.

- Annie G. (Washington State Math Teacher)

Working at PrepNorthwest not only helped to develop my teaching skills but built my confidence in them as well. I remember a time early on when I fell flat on my face and I lost all confidence in myself. Terry and Molly at PrepNorthwest saw my potential and didn't give up on me, but instead refocused my training and built me back up. The teacher skills I learned from PrepNorthwest are invaluable. I continue to use the techniques I learned in my classroom daily to help students at all levels.

- Nell N. (Washington State Math and Biology Teacher)

Are you also seeking a career in teaching? Do you seek more facetime with high school students to improve your talents in the classroom? Are you seeking training and feedback to be the absolute best instructor you can be? Would you like to have the marketable skill and know-how of test-preparation? Then don’t pass up this extraordinary opportunity.

As a Secondary Academic Specialist Intern, you will work with the creators and developers of PrepNorthwest’s effective, student-focused curriculum and approach, Molly Metz and Terry Lin. In addition to contributing to the success of high school students, you will hone your teaching skills through hands-on training, development and on-going reviews, including cutting-edge in-person and technological techniques.

Not only will you practice classroom facilitation, but you'll walk away with the invaluable skillset that secondary school administrators would salivate over: the expertise and experience with SAT and ACT test preparation. What will you learn from an internship at PrepNorthwest?

  • Classroom command
  • Framing conversations
  • Hybridizing coaching and teaching
  • Volume & tone control
  • Delivery
  • Stage presence
  • Consistency
  • Setting the right goals
  • Creating predictable expectations and environments
  • Effectively managing different personalities
  • Meeting the varied needs of students

At the end of the day, the foundation of great teaching is experience and practice--that, in itself, is a no-brainer. So here is our advice: be the best teacher you can be by getting your hours and practice with us! As a famous author has written, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become world class; PrepNorthwest will focus its energy into you being world class (at least... 'state class').

If you're the perfect intern candidate to work at PrepNorthwest, apply and see where it takes you!

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Aside from having fun, we offer:

  • Paid training of SAT and ACT test preparation techniques
  • Competitive pay that maximizes your time teaching in conjunction with your busy schedule as a college student
  • Potential credit through your college or university that is relevant to your degree
  • Performance-based feedback and auditing systems designed to make you the best teacher you can be
  • Incentivized monetary bonuses for teaching your heart out

Internship responsibilities

How does this internship help you grow into the future you want to be?

Use your area of study & knowledge to engage your students

  • Teach high school students one-to-one in the subjects that apply to your major
  • Teach high school students one-to-one in SAT and ACT preparation
  • Train in mastering teaching techniques for the SAT and ACT
  • Train in mastering classroom techniques for mentoring and managing your environment.
  • After 100 hours of teaching and supervision, teach high school students in groups of eight in SAT and ACT preparation.

Get monthly evaluations and feedback from the owners

  • Per month, perform lessons under video observation
  • Meet with owners to evaluate how to adapt and grow as a teacher in the classroom
  • Focus on specific attributes of a good communicator and teacher

Student ongoing contemplation

  • Learn about the current academic high school standards and the current needs of students
  • Learn essential content that secondary students require in today’s curriculum
  • Learn multiple ways of effective teaching

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