The Little SAT Math Book Big Results

A Pocket SAT Math Coach On The Go!

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  • 150 SAT Math Problems
  • Over 5 hours of Youtube video solutions
  • 21 SAT Math Tactics
  • Lightweight portability
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Little SAT Math Book Big Results - $15.99 + tax

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This book is PrepNorthwest's first self-published SAT book. Whether you have never seen an SAT Math problem before or you are taking your last and final SAT, this book is for you! Delve into 21 SAT Math tactics from the comfort of your home, school or any place that has internet access. It's like having a real SAT Math coach in a book! How does this book work? All you have to do is:

  • Do an SAT Math problem.
  • Follow the suggested SAT Math tactics.
  • Check your answer in the back of the book.
  • Type in a web address or scan a QR code to access a "how-to" video for each problem

Watch a tutorial to learn how this book works!

Watch an example problem!

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